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Glossary of Drilling Report Abbreviations

Glossary of Drilling Report Abbreviations The following letter abbreviations are commonly found in drilling reports. ABD, ABND Abandoned BFPH Barrels of fluid per hour BHA Bottomhole assembly: includes the bit, stabilizers, drill collars, and other tools used below the drillpipe BHP Bottomhole pressure; usually measured with a pressure bomb on a wireline BLD Bailed; refers […]

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Well Testing and Rate Transient Analysis

Well Testing (Pressure Transient Analysis) Design and analysis of multi/single point flow and buildup for conventional and multi fractured horizontal wells, injection and falloff (including mini-frac analysis), DST and perforation inflow tests Determination of near wellbore reservoir parameters (permeability, skin, fracture parameters) Estimation of reservoir pressure, distances to reservoir boundaries and/or heterogeneities Prediction of deliverability […]

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Reid Vapor Pressure and True Vapor Pressure

Gasoline and other fuels have the ability to vaporize, or change from liquid to vapor, when exposed to heat or air at temperatures above the boiling point of the fuel. The rate of vaporization is often referred to as volatility, and one test to measure this is the Reid vapor pressure test. This test measures […]

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By Rusty Braziel RBN Energy LLC rbraziel@rbnenergy.com Last week we introduced a blog series from contributor Ann Davis Vaughan on condensates – the hydrocarbon mixture that is now being produced from tight oil shale plays in increasing quantities. That production surge is causing refiners and traders to scratch their heads figuring out the best uses […]

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