The industry has moved to integrate different software products – OpenServer provides this openness for Petex products.  Petroleum Experts has lead this direction towards openness within the industry such that an operator should be easily able to link various reservoir models, a surface model, the process model and economics into one dynamic representation of an oil and gas field.

The OpenServer feature is designed to provide an open architecture for all the Petroleum Experts products and enables the programs to be directly accessed by other third party programs.
Specifically, OpenServer allows other software programs, such as Excel® or programs using Visual Basic, to access Petroleum Experts programs. An external program in an automated procedure can then access any of Petroleum Experts products to: Import or Export Data and run calculations.

OpenServer is a licensed software product.

As an illustration of where OpenServer can have benefits to a user:

  • This is an ideal way for users to automate repetitive tasks which may require a series of similar data inputs and calculations to be carried out periodically.
  • Workflow Automation
    • If there are prescribed workflows in the organisation which require a set of steps to be carried out using one of the IPM tools, an OpenServer script could be written to carry out these tasks – workflows
  • Probabilistic forecast – link CrystalBall® or @Risc® linked to IPM to generate a probabilistic forecast
  • Batch Runs: Consider a situation where you have set up a prediction calculation in MBAL. However, it would be of interest to check the final recovery for a range of values of the original oil in place. You could create a spreadsheet in Excel that lists all the OOIPs that you want to try. Then write a VBA macro within Excel which:
    • Gets the first OOIP value from the spreadsheet and sets it in the MBAL tank
    • Runs a production prediction
    • Queries the final recovery from the production results and writes into the spreadsheet
    • Repeat for the next OOIP and so on….
  • Custom Reporting
    • Although PETEX products provide a variety of report formats, it is possible that you require a specific layout for your reports. A VBA macro within Excel® can be written to query the required values from a PETEX product and then write these values in the required format to a spreadsheet.
  • Data Import/Export
    • The OpenServer can be used for transferring data between a database and PETEX programs. The client program can use any technique to access the values in the database (e.g. ODBC, DAO, SQL) and then transfer them with OpenServer.

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