Well Testing and Rate Transient Analysis

Well Testing (Pressure Transient Analysis)

  • Design and analysis of multi/single point flow and buildup for conventional and multi fractured horizontal wells, injection and falloff (including mini-frac analysis), DST and perforation inflow tests
  • Determination of near wellbore reservoir parameters (permeability, skin, fracture parameters)
  • Estimation of reservoir pressure, distances to reservoir boundaries and/or heterogeneities
  • Prediction of deliverability potential at various flowing conditions
  • Recommend potential stimulation (for damaged wells) or optimization candidates (utilizing tubing performance curves and liquid lift calculations)
Rate Transient Analysis
  • Reservoir characterization (permeability, skin, fracture half-length)
  • Diagnose changing skin or permeability conditions
  • Monitor well performance in competitive drainage situations
  • Monitor productivity to ensure proper production allocation
  • Analytical and numerical production modeling – single-zone vertical to multi-frac horizontal wells
  • Determination of stimulated reservoir volume, optimal well spacing and EUR/well for unconventional reservoirs
  • Proof of “tight gas” for government tax credits




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